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Exploring the rich culture of the Caribbean Islands

It is paradise and truly a slice of heaven on earth! Breath-taking, totally engaging, captivating and enjoyable are just some of the other words that can be used to describe the Caribbean and it’s a place that you must visit at least once in your life! Once you do you’ll understand why because it means waking up to the warmth of the atmosphere and being able to relish the fresh air which greets you day in and day out.

The Caribbean is all of this and so much more. It's inviting, it's mesmerizing, it's beautiful and filled with much to offer and seduce the senses. Its blue waters and dazzling nightlife means there is always something to cater to your every need. Caribbean people are by nature warm and very easy going people. The Caribbean is a true reflection of that.

The Caribbean being the chain of islands that it is in the Western Hemisphere begins with the Bahamas and extends all the way down to Trinidad and Tobago which is nearest to the South American continent.

Comprising of thirteen (13) countries all together forming a chain of islands, the islands provide a perfect blend of Caribbean culture and richness as there is a mixture of English, Spanish, French, Dutch and Portuguese influence. The initial European presence is reflected in many of the named places within the islands but each island has developed its distinctive dialect that makes it its own.

Showing a beautiful view of Bequia

Each Caribbean island is gifted with beautiful beaches and beautiful scenery. With no two islands being the same, another common offering is they all offer a warm tropical climate amid lush green foliage and picturesque beaches. The diverse features include coral reefs, mountains, tropical forests, low-lying plantations, valleys, waterfalls, and even volcanoes. One very active volcano has been Kick 'Em Jenny in Grenada.

A definite must see would be some of the islands and cays that make up St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). Bequia is one of these islands! Its beauty is untainted and it’s one of those places in the Caribbean where there is no traffic, no hustle and no bustle. Union Island, the Southernmost of the Grenadine Islands is a great spot for hiking, leisure and beautiful beaches.

To add to the uniqueness of the islands, each is known for its festivals and its culinary treats are a culmination of emotionally moving euphoric experiences defined by fresh ingredients, spicy condiments and an intensity of flavors. More so its sporting interests are many ranging from cricket to football, tennis, swimming, boat racing and goat racing just to name a few. Its beautiful beaches are pristine and alluring while its historical sites are a perfect reminder of a once dominant European presence. These are just some of the many examples. A unique part of it would be the broad musical infusion that connects the islands as one or the distinct offerings that set them apart. Whether you want to experience Cropover in Barbados or Reggae Sum Fest in Jamaica or even Jazz in Tobago, rest assured that there is always something for you to enjoy, discover and experience.

Showing the inviting Caribbean waters of the tropics

One might favor enjoying the islands by island hopping as there are flights between the islands. More so deciding to visit the Caribbean means being ready for a treat and being ready to embrace excitement, relaxation and the islands at their best. While Jamaica is the home of athlete Usain Bolt and reggae artist Bob Marley, Antigua and Barbuda is the home of celebrated cricketer Sir Viv Richards and author Jamaica Kincaid. Trinidad and Tobago is the home of not just steelpan and calypso, but also notable personalities like famed cricketer Sir Brian Charles Lara, author VS Naipaul and athletes Ato Boldon and Sir Hasely Crawford.

The Caribbean islands are frequently visited by cruise liners and many in search of the warmth of the Caribbean lifestyle which is synonymous with peaceful relaxation for the most part. Some of the cruise liners that work heavily in the region are Norwegian Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruises and Carnival Cruise Lines.

The rich colonial history and the presence of Carib and Arawak culture as the original inhabitants of the islands together with the introduction of the European, African and Asian infusion provide visitors with something for every type of traveler- relaxation, backpacking, romance, hiking, diving, snorkeling, site seeing when it comes to nature's beauty as well as the colonial presence that once dominated the islands.

With Trinidad and Tobago popularly known as the home of Carnival, deemed the greatest show on earth, this is the place to be in late January to early March. Bear in mind though that throughout the year different islands have their Carnival celebrations. These are much sought after events that take place throughout the year which literally attracts visitors from around the world. It means experiencing different cultures, different music and pastimes.

More so tourists especially the Hindus from India or from any part of the world may be quite happy to learn that Trinidad is home to the largest Hanuman Murti in the Western Hemisphere, the 85 ft Karya Siddhi Hanuman Murti which can be found at the Sri Dattatreya Yoga Centre in Carapichaima.

Ideally the Caribbean is an awesome destination to visit at any time of the year and it is an idyllic location that allows you to escape the harsh cold temperature of the Americas and Europe during winter. Defined by two main seasons, namely the dry season and the rainy season, some are often concerned about being here in the hurricane season which begins in June and ends at the end of November.

In planning your next trip let this be the place you decide to visit. Don't make a decision to experience it by yourself but choose to experience it with those special people in your lives- family members or friends! It promises to be an unforgettable journey of a lifetime! Just wait and see!

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