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Cambodia is synonymous with the famed and colossal Angkor Wat temple complex, the largest temple complex in the world and a World Heritage Site, which also appears on the national flag. Built-in 12th century, the temple city as Angkor Wat is called in Khmer, was the spiritual home of the Hindu god Vishnu. Tourism is 2nd highest source of foreign exchange after the Textile industry. In the last two decades, the tourist arrivals have gone up by more than 6 times, and Cambodia is emerging as a prospective tourist destination of South-east Asia.
Capital Phnom Penh, on the banks of the great Mekong River, a fast-growing metropolis with glittery skyscrapers, and Angkor Wat count among the two most popular tourist attractions. In addition, Sihanoukville in the south-west has many popular beaches, and have many Casinos also opened in recent times.  Battambang in the north-west is another city that can be explored by backpackers. One notable feature of the whole of Cambodia is the French colonial architecture, that gives a very mixed flavour of the country which grew upon Indian civilization, traditions, and culture, and further embraced Theravada Buddhism as the main religion.

Amazing Cambodia

Everything You Need to Know About Cambodia

Cambodia is a completely beautiful country, home to a staggering view, delightful beaches, and probably the most stunning local people you would like to meet anywhere in the world. Cambodia is a well-known destination in Southeast Asia exploring many routes. The main fascination being the striking old temples of Angkor Wat, situated just outside of Siem Reap. Angkor Wat is the biggest religious monument or temple on the planet earth. Viewing the dawn over the temple is a bucket list minute in itself! Cambodia is one of the many Asian nations that have a constant climate around the year. In any case, it has two seasons: wet and dry. The two of which will be a factor in deciding the best time to travel! Regardless of whether you're hoping to bathe in the daylight or enjoy the city life in Cambodia, there will never be an off time to visit the nation, which is full of culture and lovely rich landscape. With such a magnificent atmosphere, it's an incredible destination to begin exploring Southeast Asia.

Beauty of Cambodia

Places to explore in Cambodia

Explore and experience the urban Vietnamese culture by spending a couple of days in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, although there are many other cities that you can explore later these two are the most visited and the tourist attractions. Here you'll have world-class dining that is available in few bucks, it is famous for its street food along with the five-star inns, and sparkling shopping centers around the bend from bustling markets. Hanoi is a city of lakes, which is famous for its cultural treasures. Ho Chi Minh City is famous for its forward life like a rooftop bar, new dashing coworking culture, extravagant cafe and restaurant which enrich the corporate life. If you want to meet actual Vietnam then you can hire a scooter and roam around the country and explore its beauty, wonderful people & travel to its amazing places like Hanoi, Halong Bay, Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, My Son, Hoi An, Sapa Countryside, Nha Trang, Củ Chi Tunnels, Ba Be National Park and others.  

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Why Cambodia is the best destination?

Experience the actual taste of Cambodia by visiting the Khmer empire of some amazing landscapes, crystal clear beaches, and colorful temples. Cambodia attracts many voyagers and explorers with different interests. There's a blend of both the old and the new that will leave you in absolute wonder. Regardless of whether you are visiting the iconic Angkor wat temples or the modern and contemporary, capital Phnom Penh. Why anyone should visit Cambodia, there are multiple reasons like The Scenic Riverside City, The Little Charming Town, The Snorkeling Spot, The City Of Ancient Ruins, The Temple With A Legend, The Temple With A Legend, The UNESCO World Heritage Site, The Best Of Cambodia, The Paradisiacal Island, The Rabbit Island, The Most Beautiful Province, A Surprising Place, The Province With Lush Countryscapes, The Land Of Casinos, The Lush Countryside, The Royal Sword, The Shopping Paradise, The Wildlife Spot, The Civil War Memorial, The Busiest Island, The Weapon Spot, The Ancient Architecture Marvel, The Quaint Resort Town, The Temple Of The Emerald Buddha & many others. It is one of the most visited places in southeast Asia, it has all from beaches to rolling hills, and bustling city to the peaceful countryside.

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