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Prime Geo Leisurecorp is here to provide all of our clients an unsurpassed range of concierge and luxury lifestyle management solutions for all kind of promotions. Enhance your life, while managing your time and resources effectively. Curious to find out how you can book this service or any of our other outstanding services? Get in touch with us today.

Brand Activation

Brand activation is a campaign, event, and experience that enables your brand directly to the end-users and build the loyalty of that particular brand, service or product. It ignites passion and attracts new users. Some times it is called as experiential marketing, as it a limited, well planned and exclusive event which covet the audience to your store and Prime Geo Leisurecorp is master in brand activation events.  

Fashion Show

If you are planning to organize a fashion show for your brands then Prime Geo Leisurecorp is here to help you out in the best way. PGL conceptualize the fashion show, plan out each and every detail about that event & finally execute it. We have an experienced bunch of people who will plan, manage, organize and execute it. 

Musical Show

Do you want to organize your Musical show in a different place then consider PGL is your best event planner!. We believe in creating impressions and delivering the best service to our clients. We plan out your requirements like the theme-based musical show, musical show in brand promotions, exhibitions, corporate or public events. Just coordinate with our team right now!

Product Launch

If you are planning to bring new product in the market, but have no idea how to make it buzz in this new era then PGL is here to help you. We build anticipation, create a specific atmosphere for that product, create a different approach & add exclusivity, take the active participation so that we know your audience, amplify your message and put technology to work in the best way. We make your product launch event a successful opening for your business.

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