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Announcing our partnership with the Kenyan DMC

Kenya is a country of stunning landscapes. Situated centrally on the east coast of the African continent, Kenya is the third largest economy in Africa. Kenya boasts of a diverse attractions for travelers, and has something to cater to each taste, viz. Adventure, wildlife, beaches, fun, food, culture, honeymoon, or luxury vacation. Kenya is among the world's premium tourist destinations and boasts of some very niche and exclusive locations that include hotels & resorts, wildlife safaris, UNESCO world heritage site of Mount Kenya National Park, diving into the coral reefs of Watamu Marine National Park, and so on. So, Kenya is not just for wildlife adventure enthusiasts but possesses a basket of beautiful and mesmerizing attractions that draws millions of global travelers.

We at Prime Geo Leisurecorp have entered into a partnership with Wanderlust Outdoors to bring the best of Kenya for you. Specially curated and crafted tours that will give you memories of a lifetime, and with your choice of delicious food, and each tour led by our competent and experienced tour guides will make your visit to Kenya a very special one that you will cherish forever and would make you want to return soon to explore more and something new and different. Do contact us to know more of what we can offer for our guests.!!!!

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