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Explore the luxury Maldives honeymoon trip

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Everyone dreams to have a wonderful and memorable honeymoon after their marriage. They even start figuring out the places even before they start dating since they wanted to make certain for the spot they pick, and it must be the best spot since special first night happens once in lifetime. Destination wedding trip has its very own vogue; the climate is loaded up with love, affection, romance and sentiment. Thus, they need an ideal spot that suits their environment. Maldives is one of the most wonderful places in this world with excellent retreat, stunning seashores, and damn scrumptious nourishment. Goodness yes!

Maldives is an island where there is no populace of its own. Henceforth, it has resorts where visitors remain and eat. It has an emanation, an unparalleled lavish air for individuals who looks for a peacefulness and comfort and brimming with sentiment. Maldives is itself an island that contains numerous little islands. Each island has its very own magnificence.

  • A long way From the Maddening Crowd

  • An Island of Luxury

  • Guilty pleasure for Two: Couple Spas and that's just the beginning

  • Water Sports for Lovebirds

  • Voyage into Infinity

  • Flawless Weather

  • Appreciate Snorkeling and Diving At Naifaru Island

  • Get A Romantic Massage In Maldives

  • Investigate The Beautiful Islands

  • See The Deep Ocean - Whale Submarine Maldives

  • Submerged Dining - Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

  • Maldives Glowing Beach - Bioluminescent Plankton

  • Sentiment In Private Boat - Maldives Yachts Charter

  • Get A Cruise Ride - Dhoni Boat

  • Experience Sea Creatures At Manta Point

  • Swim With The Gentle Giants Of Indian Ocean

  • Go through Some Days In Most Luxurious Resorts of Maldives

  • Explore the Island each day – Island Hopping Maldives

  • Attempt Underwater Treasure Hunting In Maldives

  • Sail the Winds - Windsurfing In Maldives

  • Meet the Intelligent Creatures - Dolphin Watching Maldives

  • Have A Romantic Dinners At The Beach

  • Embrace A Coral Reef In The Maldives

  • Do A City Tour of Capital, Malé

  • Take a stab at Paddleboarding on Maldives Beaches

  • Shower In Crystal Clear Waters of Maldives

  • Appreciate Early Morning Beach Walk

  • Do Canoeing With Your Partner

  • Explore the Beauty of Indian Ocean With the Moonlight Cruise

  • Visit Sublime Lake - Bandaara Kilhi

  • Think About Marine Life - Marine Conservation Center

  • Gather the Memories of 2004 Disaster - Tsunami Monument

Maldives is a fantasy goal for honeymooners. The marine life is dazzling in its assortment and the reasonable waters offer the ideal open door for swimming. Delightful coral reefs and animals like the ethical eel, stingray and lionfish are only a couple of the stunning submerged miracles that anticipate.

20 Top Maldives Honeymoon Resorts

  • Gangehi Island Resort

  • Cinnamon Hakuraa Huraa Maldives

  • Meeru Island Resort and Spa

  • Nika Island Resort and Spa

  • Como Cocoa Island

  • Kuramathi Island Resort

  • Summer Island Maldives

  • Kurumba Maldives

  • Veligandu Island Resort and Spa

  • Velassaru Maldives

  • Lily Beach Resort and Spa

  • Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu

  • Cinnamon Dhonveli

  • Baros Maldives

  • Komandoo Maldives Island Resort

  • Centara Grand Island Resort and Spa Maldives

  • Regal Island Resort and Spa

  • Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon

  • Kuredu Island Resort and Spa

The Maldives, is a tropical safe house of flawless seashores, is an archipelago of in excess of a thousand coral islands gathered into characteristic atolls, out of which just a couple are occupied. And Maldives is pretty much famous for these Atolls. Time stops in Maldives as you lie on the white sand seashores, hearing the completely clear waves run into the coastline, swim with the manta beams and reef sharks and devour a wide exhibit of fishes with local people. Maldives is your answer when you are searching for the ideal special first night.

20 Places to visit in Maldives for Honeymoon

  • Hulhumale Beach

  • Swimsuit Beach

  • Reethi Beach

  • Lily Beach

  • Four Seasons Beach

  • Kurumba Beach

  • Bioluminiscent Beach

  • Kunburudhoo Beach

  • Fulhadhoo Island sea shore

  • Baros Maldives

  • Bandos Maldives

  • Alimatha Island

  • Hulhumale Island

  • Biyadoo Island

  • Felidhoo Island

  • Aarah Island

  • Bandaara Kilhi Lake

  • Dhadimagi Kilhi

  • Manta Point

  • Banana Reef

  • Small Island Marine Conservation Center

  • HP Reef

  • Hukuru Miskiiy

  • The Grand Friday Mosque

  • The Hulhumale Mosque

  • Kedeyre Miskiy

  • Maldive Victory

  • Tidal wave Monument

There will be many people who will be traveling first time outside to their country with his/her loved ones and if you perform all the activities then only it is considered that you know each other in better way, you have many option to perform romantic activities, fun activities, game activities. Thrilling things, spiritual things to do and you can explore the whole Maldives. If you are intending to go to some extraordinary spot, at that point without even batting an eye go for Maldives. For couples as well as vacationers can visit with loved ones.

Maldives is known for its regular excellence which incorporates white seashores and Blue Ocean that string along crisp and clean air. The atmosphere for guests in Maldives draws in them with scarcely any water sports like, scuba plunging, snorkeling, swimming, parasailing, angling, stream skiing, kayaking, kite surfing angling, water skiing, windsurfing, kite boarding and other water activities.

Exciting & Adventure Things to Do in Maldives

  • Do Canoeing and Catamaran cruising in various atolls.

  • Experience Jet ski safari at Kurumba resort.

  • Take a helicopter voyage through Maldives.

  • Appreciate nightfall while paddleboarding in atolls.

  • Go Snorkel Amidst Gazillion Reefs.

  • Go whale shark viewing at Cinnamon Dhonveli.

  • Appreciate surfing in Addu Atoll.

  • Excite in the fun cylinder riding at Herathera Island.

  • Go on Maldives angling safari at Kuredu resort.

  • Have a go at flyboarding or kitesurfing on the Villingili island.

  • Contract submerged bikes on north male atoll to investigate its reefs.

  • Go on Sunrise Kayaking Safari of Anantara Veli Maldives Resort.

Getting any of the best arrangements of Maldives honeymoon bundles is truly appropriate for wedding trip voyagers as they get everything included inside the bundle and simply need to appreciate each snapshot of the excursion.

Romantic Things to Do in Maldives in Honeymoon

  • Wedding Celebration at private hotels.

  • Flame light supper at seashore.

  • Invest some energy at submerged gathering at Subsix.

  • Move till you drop in jazz evenings at Kurumba.

  • Entice your faculties at the shine in obscurity seashore.

  • Plan a date with your adoration submerged at the Ithaa submerged aquarium eatery.

  • Column with your accomplice in an extravagant private vessel.

  • Appreciate Early Morning Beach Walk.

  • Bond with one another in couple spa at Lily Beach Resort and Spa.

  • Explore and appreciate the beauty of Ocean With Moonlight Cruise.

At the point when you arrive at the sanctuary of Maldives, you can make certain there are unbounded things to scratch off your to-dos. Charmingly situated between the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea, this island-nation gloats of having more ocean than land.

Intense Things to Do in Maldives in Honeymoon

  • Sink into profound unwinding at Underwater Spa in Huvafen Fushi.

  • Get the mending impacts of human touch at Kurumba Maldives.

  • Get inward harmony, with the top yoga encounters in the Kurumba.

  • Become familiar with the mending forces of contemplation at COMO Cocoa Island.

Fun Things to Do in Maldives

  • Do Beach Combing around Reethi seashore.

  • Appreciate a debauched breakfast at The Piano Deck at Baros.

  • Take a glass base pontoon excursion to see corals of Maldives.

  • Find the best stimulation in the Maldives at White Night Party at Kuredu.

  • Travel the different islands and it's magnificence on Island Hopping visit.

  • Experience the most established Friday mosque of Maldives.

  • Get craftsmanship presents for your friends and family from nearby markets.

  • Move along to the Boduberu people exhibitions at Sheraton Maldives resort.

  • Figure out how to cook in the Maldivian way.

  • Go dolphin viewing in the Muli Channel.

  • Look the stars on seashores in the night.

  • Visit the Medhu Ziyaarai Shrine.

  • Travel the national exhibition hall of Maldives.

  • Eat nearby cooking of Maldives at aioli eatery.

  • Go cookout on the sandbank of South Ari Atoll.

  • Take a ride on Dhoni Cruise in Sublime Lake in Bandaara Kilhi.

  • Swim at Artificial Beach of Male.

  • Becoming acquainted with the Maldives

  • Go for a stroll at republic square.

  • Travel to the Tsunami Monument of Maldives.

Maldives is a favorite destination of the world famous as a vacation & honeymoon destination on the globe. Married people from the world spends their honeymoon days off in Maldives and invest incredible energy.

This is more famous in India for destination wedding and luxury honeymoon destination because of the crystal-clear water, beaches, venue, premium location and other, where each ritual become closer to your heart with addition of the love of your parents and loved ones. Your honeymoon vacation is apparently the most important moment of your life, and you will make sure that you enjoy each moment with love, affection and enjoyment. Luxury honeymoon destination is the concept which is nowadays in craze and youth is making it more viral with uploading their honeymoon pictures from their honeymoon destination, where everyone planning their ideas to celebrate their honeymoon with the loved one. Happy traveling from the team of Prime Geo Leisurecorp and for any inquiry contact us at any time.

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