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Premium Wellness Vacation by Prime Geo Leisurecorp 

Prime Geo offers in an exclusive partnership with Absolute Sanctuary, a variety of rejuvenation programs and training related to wellness, yoga, weight management, and many more that help you realign and reorient yourself in a peaceful and serene surrounding. You actually reinvent yourself far away from the hustle and bustle of your routine stressful life. And just to add here, the Absolute Sanctuary retreat offers plenty of food options, too! You can choose a program as small as of 3 days to something that runs for 2-3 weeks or even more.

                              Do join Prime Geo Leisurecorp in your journey towards a healthy living.

Premium Wellness Vacation in Koh Samui

A stay in a wellness retreat is an experience in itself. As the name aptly suggests, the retreat heals your mind, body, and soul in a safe, stimulating, and relaxing environment. If you are looking for a premium wellness vacation for detox, de-stress, mind & body rejuvenation and weight management then Absolute Sanctuary is the best choice.


Reconnect | Recharge | Revitalize | Reenergize

What special treatment Absolute Sanctuary provides you.


Detox           Spa      De-Stress & Burnout   Women’s Holistic

Men’s Vitality      Sleep Well     Rest & Rebalance     Yoga

Mindfulness      Meaningful Holiday     Fitness   Weight Management

Pilates Boot Camp     Body Realignment     Lifestyle Change

Detox Programs

• Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions
• Manual Lymphatic Draining Massage
• Detox Drinks & Liver Flush Drinks
• Coconut Juice & Broth Soups
• Modified Diets raging from full fast to light detox meals depending on the program
• Nutritional supplements & Supportive detox & spa therapies
• Exit detox consultation with take-home guidelines
• Duration: 3, 5, 7 days

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